Organizations are in the midst of unprecedented uncertainty and chaos, faced with increasingly complex and unpredictable technological, economic, political, and cultural changes. I work with organizations to create effective responses to these changes and, in many cases, to proactively influence the strategic direction of the firm.

As an OD practitioner, I help organizations go beyond surface changes to transform the underlying assumptions and values that govern their behaviors, and, in the process, increase individual and organizational effectiveness. I do this by working with the client team to diagnose the organization’s systems, develop interventions, and help implement them.

Individual Behavior & Processes

Areas of intervention may include:

  • Individual behavior, personality, and values
  • Workplace emotions, attitudes, and stress
  • Performance practices
  • Decision-making and creativity

Team Processes

Areas of intervention may include:

  • Team Excellence
  • Communication in teams and within the organization
  • Conflict and negotiation in the workplace

Organizational Processes

Areas of intervention may include:

  • Organizational culture
  • Change management

Some of my Global Clients